Consulting & Development Services

We do custom application development that will solve your specific technology problems.
Do you have an application that you need to have customized or integrate with other applications?
Do you want your software to be more helpful to you and your business?
Do you need to make better use of all the customer information you have already have collected over the years?
Moxie Data's consulting and development services combine the infrastructure you already have by creating customized applications specifically targeted to solve your business problems. Or you may only need professional advice in choosing existing software.

Website Design, Development, and Hosting

Moxie Data, Inc. offers commercial web services to businesses and organizations that would like representation on the Internet. We can do everything from the designing to the technical maintenance of your website or you can design and maintain your site. Because we deal only with businesses, we offer much better service. Limiting our customers to business users allows us to provide much better network connections. For customers with more complicated needs, we offer advanced ASP.NET, CGI and WebConnection design and development services at a competitive, hourly rate. Our services are available for design work on sites hosted at your own location or at another ISP as well.

Do you want a website that brings customers to you?
We will:
Keep it simple,
Keep it easy to use,
Keep it easy to navigate, and
Keep the design appealing.
Moxie Data, Inc. offers you complete website design, development, and maintenance services.