Create Budget from Takeoff

Quickly Create Budget from 9-5 Takeoff screen

This app quickly creates the budget from the 9-5 Takeoff screen.


  1. 1. Takeoff must be entered and saved in the 9-5 takeoffs screen.
  2. 2. Cost codes and cost types must be entered on each line item that includes a value to be budgeted.


  1. 1. Open the 9-5 Takeoffs screen to the appropriate job.
  2. 2. Click on the zMaxOneClick app and choose Create Budget.


Joe Contractor has about 200 takeoffs at one time. Because of this, creating a budget is slow. The zMaxOneClick app speeds up the budget creation process.

Return on Investment:

It used to take Joe 2-5 minutes per job to export the budget, with the zMaxOneClick app the budget is created in seconds.