Modify Proposal


  1. 1) From the Sage Jobs screen (3-5) click on the button that says "Modify Proposal"
  2. 2) To customize the columns you want to see, right click on any column and select "More" at the bottom of the drop down menu.
  3. 3) Uncheck the columns you do not wish to see.
  4. 4) To change the order of the columns select a column and click the up or down button in the upper right and move the column to the location you prefer.
  5. 5) Click "Close" to save your changes
  6. 6) You may also filter by a group in a column. For example, say you want to work on just Bid Item 2. Click on the column header called Bid Item and click "Search/Filter". Click "More" at the bottom of the menu, Uncheck the bid items you wish to eliminate and click the "Filter" button at the bottom. The unwanted bid items will be filtered out of your view. To bring them back, right click on the Bid Item column header and select "Clear All Filters"
  7. 7) The columns that can be edited on this screen are the "Profit Rate" and the "Ext Price" columns only.
  8. 8) To change the profit percent, place your cursor into the Profit Rate column, change the value and press enter. The new extended cost will recalculate
  9. 9) To change the extended cost, say to an even $1,000, click into the "Ext Price" column and enter 1,000. The profit rate will recalculate to the correct amount.
  10. 10 ) When done click the "Save" button
  11. 11) Your results can be viewed in the Take Off screen (9-5)
  12. Note: clicking the "Close" button will not save your changes